UR816C - Assigning a Mix to the front panel phones

UR-C (UR816C) Cubase 11 Pro

I understand from the UR816C Operation Manual that I should be able to assign Mix 4 (for instance) to one of the Phone jacks on the front of the UR816C but I do not see any place in the UR-C software (admittedly I’m not very versed in that) or in Cubase to do this. The Cubase manual references the Input Settings Window that should show up as a Tab on an Audio trk under the Inspector but I see no such tab. Is there a software setting that I may need to enable - to get the tab to appear? Thank You.

My UR816C was purchased 12/2020 and is plugged into a WIN10 system.

Very simple: When you have selected MIX 4 in the Dspmix FX software you can see the 2 phones buttons on the Masterbuss, at the bottom. Just activate one or two of these.

Thanks for the quick response. I don’t quite understand the dspMixFx software/routing but following your suggestion eventually enabled the headphones on Mix 4 (I had them enabled on Mix 1 but that obviously wasn’t correct). Not sure why Mix 4 activates the front phones but am happy it is working. I added headphones to Cubase’s Control Room and assigned them to Mix 4 and now can control them there. Thanks again.

It’s not perse mix 4 that activates the phones jacks on the front, but the two buttons, no matter in which mix you activate those.
You can activate phones 1 for a mix and phones 2 for another mix f.e.