Ur816C Buggy with Updated Cubase 10.5

Will steinberg be releasing bug fixes to the UR816C?
Just purchased, and there are BUGS.

  1. When a mono input assigned to stereo track (useful for stereo insert plugins) the ur816 panel doesn’t contain controls

  2. when the track is assigned to a group track output (which is assigned to stereo bus) instead of stereo bus, causes the UR “equipment” panel to disappear. The point of purchasing this interface was not using a control panel and to be using Cubase only. When I am recording 14 drum tracks, they are in a group.

Design issues:

  1. control room can’t be used. Assigning external effects to the FX bus does not arrive at the interface using control room. Most people would like to use the control room in Cubase that are advanced users. The cue sends are very handy for headphone mixes. Let us use them !
  2. The eq/comp channel strip is garbage and non surgical (unless using the phone app)
    Let me use the basic Cubase eqs and compression controls, or include the ones from the higher UR model. The big knob is ok for a novice. Simple things like makeup gain and threshold should be easily adjustable in the compressor. I shouldn’t need to press my nose to the screen to dial in an EQ.
  3. when in Cubase, I can’t use the linear knob control.
  4. amp sims are a joke. No better than plugging my 1990 boss hm2 pedal direct into the interface with no amp or room sim. Get someone with an ear to dial them in ? Otherwise they are mostly useless.

To be continued…