Ur816C cannot connect Hardware Compresser

Can anyone help with connecting a hardware stereo bus comp to ur816c so that I can compress the master mix.

I can’t be the only one with this routing issue .

I send from line outs into the comp then from comp outs to two of the dpre ins on the back of the 816.

What am I supposed to do in routing the external affect. All I get is either immense feedback or a buzzing sound.


What did you set up in dspMixFx?
Normally the UR devices are prepared for monitor situations, not external insert gear.

That is done in Cubase via Routing ins and outs

Thanks for your replies
I have not set up anything in dspfx. What should I do there?

I have set up the comp as an external effect in Cubase but all I get is the feedback.

Perhaps I have purchased the wrong device. But why would the 816 be configured to provide 5 sets of monitors? I thought it would be possible.

The feedback is caused by the return channels of your compressor back into the 816.
You have to mute those channels in the DSPsoftware.
I use my 816 for all of my outboard gear, works just fine. ALL my channels in the 816 are “muted”.

Thank you. That’s so reassuring to hear that you are running outboard analogue gear from the 816… I am just waiting on getting some time to try that out. I realised that I needed to use the trs jacks on in inputs so I am also getting some suitable leads.

I am interested to hear if you mute the dspfx channels within the Cubase DAW in the computer or do you actually open the standalone dspfx mixer software and mute there. Can it be done both ways or either way or both. Hope that makes sense. Sorry for my ignorance. I have been using several iterations of the UR interfaces but the 816 has thrown me.

Also what role do the channel gains on the 816 play in the using of a compresser eg - do they get set at zero. As an external effect when loaded there is also the send and return ‘gui. I guess such questions may be clear when I use them as you say to. But I do wonder as I say about the gain and also if there may be a mismatch for example the 816 trs ins are at + 4ohms and my compressor outputs are rated at 50ohms or does that not matter?

Lots there I know. But first things first I will let you know how I get on muting the dspfx channels. Thanks again.


It has to be done in the DSP spftware offcourse, because the hardware units are connected to the 816.
I always have the DSP mixer open while using Cubase, but that is my personal workflow.
I have 14 ins and outs used by the URC+ADAT for outboard compressors + EQ’s.
The routing is done in Cubase but all channels in the DSP mix are muted, otherwise you will have feedback.
The channelgains on the 816 are used to set the return level in Cubase. I always use a metering plugin before and after the insert of the hardware. WIth the gainlevel on the 816 I adjust the returnlevel in CUbase so that it is exactly the same as before the hardware comes in, I try not to use the send/reurn levels in the Cubase-insert. Jsu the gainlevel on the URC, and watching the levels in the DSPmixer. If necessary I do will adjust the insert-levels.
Not any concerns about mismatrching in Ohms. BTW the TRS are not 4 ohms, look in the manual for the ins and outs impedances if you want to know those, but I don’t care…
My main problem with the URC’s is that you cannot rename the inputs in the DSP mix, which I think of as a big farce!

Well. I mute all the channels in the dspfx but still get the feedback. I am stumped.

Is it my routing. I set up an external effect in audio connections and insert this onto my master bus in Cubase.

1 Do I mute the master bus in dspfx as well
2 there is a slider in dspfx called daw - is that to be muted also?
3 I am routing the send from 2L and 2R on the 816 to the insert jacks 5 and 6

Should I just run Cubase and the hardware compresser without opening the dspfx?

Doing all of the above I still get feedback

My Mac is a M1 chip would that cause any problems.

Well I got there at last. Thanks ca-booster. Had to download Cubase again and for good measure latest driver for 816. So impressed with this unit. Can’t wait to use it at 32 bit. At the moment steinberg boffins need to fix so the Mac silicon chip can work at high speed precision thru usb3.1. Wow. Can’t wait. The output control in dspfx allows the mix bus comp to properly shine by matching the two units more appropriately. Leaving the gain knobs on the 816 and using the comp along with the external effects send and return in Cubase works best for in my setup. Won’t be long before I get a second unit. Say what you like about the ur series this is a real step forward. Thanks again.

Great that it works for you now.
My workflow:
As a second ADAT unit I have a Behringer ADA8200, sounds great and to me no different than the preamps on the UR816C. So a cheaper solution to add more ins(8) and outs(6).
I always have the dspmix software on a seperate Ipad screen to watch the inputlevels, so the return levels of my hardware gear. All channels in all 4 mixes of the dspmix are muted. Send/Returnlevels to be set in Cubase and the gainlevels of the URC for the least amount of hiss from the hardware.
For the stereounits or 2 mono units I prefer to have a testsignal and VU meter plugins inserted before and after the insert of the hardwareplugin. Just to set the exact stereobalance levels each time. A lot of work, but it is only for hobby, so time is no issue for me. I have mono TubeEQ’s and a couple stereo Compressors, but they never have the correct stereo-levels. You have to keep on checking and even that out.

Good to hear your workflow. I have been looking at the behringer. Seems as if their preamps are good by other reviewers also. About a third of the price of another 816. I usually use a kmeter vumeter. Tending towards using the great metering options in Cubase. But I will keep listening and see if that is precision enough. As you say it’s important. Haven’t got my head around mix 1 - 4. My workflow is fairly constant. Seems it will be useful. What can you tell me about how you have them set up. If you don’t mind. Haven’t played about with dspfx no latency before. Looking forward to making use of it. Pity as you say you can’t rename tracks in dspfx.
Best of good wishes. Thanks again

In Cubase I have got the rfirst 8 outputs of the URC routed to “DAW DIRECT” 1 till 8 in the CUbase studio setup…
After that, so with an extra ADAT, it is going to get somewhat difficult, thanks to Steinberg. Becasue there are no DAW DIRECT 9 till 16 so to say.
YOu have to use the Mix 2, 3 and 4 . You can see those in the Cubase Studio setup.
Mix 1 is always routed as the Master Stereo out, so you only can have 14 outputs in total for external hardware , not 16 For external hardware. I have the 6 extra ADAT OUTS routed to stereo mixes 2,3 and 4.
It took me a while to figure out how to connect and route everything, it is not very obvious.