UR816C Clipping in Hardware but not the Software

Hello i have just bought a UR816C and when i’m recording from my outputs of my Behringer X32 Mixer into the 8 xlr of the UR816C with ADAT of the Behringer ADA8200 inputs, i’m getting Clipping from the UR816C hardware not the behringer and there is no clipping in the UR816C monitoring software. I use the PAD on the 4 inputs at the front and it drops the levels, but not for the ones at the back. I use Waves Tracks Live to record the audio and then i import them into ableton live . When i look at the waves in ableton live there is about 3 to 4db of headroom left but the hardware is clipping on the UR816C. I’m using 10 input 1-8 from UR816C and 9-10 from ADA8200 bouncing DRUMS 1-2, BASS 3-4, KEYBOARDS 5-6, FXS 7-8, VOX 9-10 . I used a different set on my other sound card RME UCX DRUMS 1-2 and ADA8200 BASS 1-2, KEYBOARDS 3-4, FXS , 5-6, VOX 7-8 without no clipping at all with all the settings on my mixer the same, But now i have to turn down levels of the outputs on the mixers faders by 4-5db on inputs 1-4 on UR816C without the PADS on.

I don’t know about the output of your X32, but should not you use the LINE inputs on the URC rather than the XLR’s?
I have the UR816C+ADA8200 and not any clipping. I use it mostly for external hardware ins and outs.

Thanks for your reply… My mixers outputs are all XLR so i used xlr cables that i have, I’m gonna buy XLT to TRS cause i looked at the manual and you get more headroom from the TRS inputs at the back.

The XLR inputs are MIC-inputs, you have to use the Line inputs for the correct line level signal.