[UR816c] Connect outboard compressors via patchbay

understood - so what is connecting the inputs to the output plugged into your speaker ? I don’t know your interface but there is probably a utility that allows you to do that.

I’m really not sure there is.
I’ve looked on Steinberg’s support website downloads but couldn’t find anything relevant, besides UR TOOLS, which is basically a collection of effects as well as DSPMIXFX, if I’m not mistaken.
I don’t believe DspMixFX has any influence on the routing per se but I might be wrong.

if the interface didn’t have some internal routing then you wouldn’t hear anything on the output without some software routing it there…if that makes sense ?

It does indeed. However I’m not sure where to find a utility app to configure it. Perhaps I’m missing something but I haven’t come across anything of the sort.

looks like it’s in the DSPmixFX
also has a ‘loopback’ function - you can also use it standalone and this seems to ‘remember’ your last DSPmix settings

Huh. I’m fiddling with DSPMixFX at the moment, found an ‘Output routing’ and an ‘Output Knob’ section, but I’m not sure what to do with it.
There’s one thing I find a little odd tho (maybe it isn’t) - Main Output L/R is routed to Mix 1 L/R, and so is Line Output 1 L/R (routed to Mix 1 L/R).
Not sure if that’s an issue.
Then it’s Line Output 3 L/R to Mix 3 L/R, Output 4 L/R to Mix 4L/R.

In the ‘Output knob’ section, all four knobs corresponding to Mix 1/2/3/4 L/R are set to 0dB and have a tickbox… that isn’t currently ticked. Not sure what that is either.
I guess I’ll just try to read the manuel one more time see if I can make anything out of it :).

Thanks for your time by the way, truly appreciated.

I did skim the manual - but it doesn’t really sink in if you don’t have the hardware…

DSPMixFX will allow you use the interface as a mixer…Obviously not 100% certain that this will fix the issue (99.9% maybe :slight_smile: ) - but it’s worth finding out about this stuff anyway - all learning is good

let me know what (if anything) happens

I will ! Really appreciate your time, thank you very much.

no problem at all :slight_smile:

I’ve had similar adventures in the past but with RME there is a matrix in Totalmix where you do the routing, which seems easier to me visually.

Let me ask you something. If you route something to outputs 3 L,R for example, do you still hear them from your monitors?

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maybe you have loopback on ? if so turn it off.
also if input 7 is turned up in mix 1 tab,try to turn down the fader /or mute input 7 on mix 1 tab,cuz it will loop also

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i also see in the manual that this device has 8 analog outs and not 8+main
so maybe your 1L output also goes to the main output and making loop troubles. look at the setup window in the output routing on the devices software and check, so basically you can use 6 analog outputs to utilize as insert connections (+ 8 adat if you have another adat device to connect)

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Hi ggmastraki,

Thanks for your reply.
If I create a new stereo bus with let’s say 3L and 3R, and route my guitar bus to it, I cannot hear the guitars anymore.

Hi mozizo,

The audio interface has 8 physical outputs in addition to the ‘MAIN OUTPUT’ outputs (which currently feed my monitors).
However in DSPMixFX, in Output routing, Mix 1 L/R seem to be set for ‘Main Output L/R’ as well as ‘Line Output 1 L/R’ which would confirm what you’re saying, and that is why I haven’t used those (I’m sending my DAW signal from output 2L to the compressor, then from the compressor to the audio interface’s input 7. Loopback is definitely off as far as I can tell.
However if that is the issue, I don’t know how to work around it.

But actually, I think I’ve figured it out !
In Output routing rather than having ‘Mix X L/R’, I set ‘DAW direct 1/2’ and now it seems to work as intended. I’ll run more tests to be sure, but so far so good, nice to see my little VUmeter going crazy :).
However doing so seems to pan the track center - not sure if that is normal and if I should just try to print the effet and pan it according to my expectations afterwards - I guess I’ll just experiment a little more when I have time.

Thank you all ! So nice to see people chipping in :slight_smile:


Sorry to read this post only just now. It would be better if you had post it into the correct seperate urc forum, this one i always read.
However not as much as i used to because of the new forum setup which i don’t like.
Okay, i run the 816 for over a year now also with Klarkteknik hardware, so just using the urc for external routings in cubase.
It is indeed very confusing concerning the dspfx mixer,
First thing you must do to avoid feedback is MUTE ALL CHANNELS in the dspmixer. If you do not record and having hardware attached you don’t need to hear those channels.
And as far as i can see you would have enough ins and outs for your hardware and i would not make use of a (inferior?) patchbay if it is not really necessary.
Since you only use the urc and not an extra adat, you can use all 8 daw direct outs of the dspmixer, and the outs of the Klarks go into the inputs of the urc. Then in cubase those hardware units are best used as inserts by making them external FX. Indeed do not use mix 1/2 which is the main outs.
I have a lot more hardware and a extra Adat but then the disadvantage becomes the use of the four mixes in the dspmixer. It can be done, but is not ideal. A pity that steinberg or yamaha does not make an effort to improve all this, very little support. I have mine for over a year now and there never was an improvement for the urc series.
Please look at the steinberg hardware forum, the part of URC series. This post should be transferred to that one.

thanks ca-booter

to be fair it wasn’t clear this was a URC issue until near the end of the thread. It started as a patchbay issue…but yes moving to URC forum