UR816c Kemper

Long shot, but does anyone here use a Kemper amp with a UR816c (or any URC Device? ).

My UR816c has just arrived and it’s great, couple of things.

I’m finding the dspmixfx software a bit confusing. I can’t seem to find any tutorial online on headphone mix setups with control room etc.

I’ve got my kemper wet/dry signals in no problem, but getting the reamping working is not happening right now. I’m sure I just need to figure out the software.

I was previously on a Saffire Pro 40 and used the mix control software to do all this, this seems a bit different.

Also, the 1m cable they give you is crazy short. I’ve had to order a longer one.

Apart from that, all good, seems like great interface. The built in fx are great. Can’t get cubase to see the hardware in the mixer though.