UR816C on Cubase - Rev-X

Got my 816C a few days ago and I’m not sure I understand the way it should be set up in regards to Rev-X.

I don’t seem to be able to get rid of the Rev-X influencing the Main Outputs. It seems to be always applied to them.

On the DSP Mix FX app, under the General Settings section, I have the Main Outputs assigned to Mix 1 L/R, and have clicked on the Rev-X button on a different mix so that it is ‘inactive’ on Mix 1 (or at least I understood that was how it worked).

In Cubase, with my Main Output Bus set to be the UR816C Main Out, I get the unit’s Rev-X applied to my main mix bus out.

There should be a way to completely bypass the Rev-X on the 816C Main Outputs completely, no?

Are your send knobs all turned to minus infinity?

Well, the Rev-X button is grayed-out, so no reverb should be being applied to anything on that Mix…

But I realized what I was doing wrong. The little detail is Cubase lists an ‘extra’ (at least in my opinion) bus labeled “UR816C FX Bus”, which I carelessly selected without reflecting on what it might be, just thinking it was the only one labeled “Bus”, so assumed it was a main Bus… wrong. It seems to be exclusively taken from the output of the Rev-X channel (or Bus… rightfully so). So of course, it refers to such bus in whichever Mix you have Rev-X enabled for.

So simply selecting Mix 1, where Rev-X is disabled (in my case), on Cubase as my Main Bus did the trick. All is good now.