UR816C Phantom Power Explanation


Recently acquired a UR816C, which is amazing! However, the manual isn’t SUPER clear on how the phantom power works on the inputs 1-4.

As an example, lets assume I have two guitars plugged into inputs 1 and 2 via TS cables and two microphones plugged into inputs 3 and 4 with XLR cables. If I enable the phantom power, does that only supply phantom power to the inputs with the XLR cables plugged in (3 and 4 in this example)? Or will it also (potentially with bad consequences) supply phantom power to the guitar cables in 1 and 2 as well?


Only the XLR input connectors

So just to absolutely clarify; only XLR connectors ever receive the phantom power? And that’s true of the rear inputs, 5 to 8, too?


Yes, in the appendix of the manual you can see the wiring of all inputs.
The 48V is not connected to the jacks, only to the XLR’s

Amazing! Thank-you very much!