UR824 - 7.1 - Win7

Hi, at first sorry for my English, but I am from Czech Republic. I have problem with my UR824 USB audio interface. I can’t set it for 7.1 or 5.1 mode in Windows 7 - I can use it only as 2.0 interface. I tried to connect another device with 7.1 mode and there is no problem (Sweex SC016) - so it seems to be problem only with UR824. What should I do? I have latest driver. Thank you for advices.

You need to bypass the Windows mixer and use software that supports ASIO or WASAPI output. If you use an ASIO driver, then you can use all 8 channels. If you use a WASAPI driver, then you can only use 6 channels. I would recommend JRiver Media Center which allows you to select the Czech language.