UR824 and C10 Volume/Tone Question

I have a 824 and Cubase 10.
I also run PT12.4 with a 003R and at times the 824
My question is this…
Does Cubase or maybe the 824 pad the overall volume.

When I listen to the same tracks from Cubase…ported over AAF and still use the 824 the tracks in PT are noticeably louder.
If I use the 003 than not only are they louder they are brighter…I get the volume differences using a separate interface.

I’ve adjust the master outs on the 824 but the padding down in Cubase remains relative to the setting.
When I shut down a Cubase session on the 824…the 824 continues to produce sound from anything plugged into and the volume jumps again.

Just curious if there is a setting in either I’m overlooking?