Ur824 and preamp

Hi everyone,
I’m the lucky owner of the au d io ur824 sound card. I’ve recently bought the isa one preamp.
My question is: to which port do I have to connect it in order not to get the signal amplified twice as much?
Thanx in advance for your help

Line In on Ur824

All the the analog inputs on the 824 go trough the mic preamps. For line level signals (such as your ISA) turn the gain knob all the way down and turn on the pad. And don’t turn on the phantom power as it is applied to both the xlr AND trs connectors. (this is my understanding of it from going through the manual)


What MW says is correct. Turning the mic preamps down means no preamping. The Pad button furtherly decreases the input level, to deal with the louder line signals.


As for 48v being applied to the trs part of the combos on the UR 824. I have tested this and I can’t find any trace of 48v on the trs jacks, only the xlrs.