UR824 and UR28M firmware and Tools update version 2

New features for UR824 & UR28M

Steinberg is pleased to announce a new firmware and Tools update for UR28M and UR824.
The version 2 update adds new functionality to the USB audio interfaces such as new guitar amp effects and iPad connectivity. On top of this free update, all registered UR users are eligible for a free, downloadable version of Cubase AI 7.

These are the newly available features for all UR28M and UR824 customers:

• New Guitar Amp Classics effect bundle running on DSP, allowing latency-free monitoring with guitar amp effect

• Basic FX Suite VST 3 plug-in bundle, consisting of three software components: Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip, REV-X and Guitar Amp Classics

• CC mode for connectivity with the iPad (2 or later) through Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit

• Loopback function for internet live streaming: incoming audio signals are merged to playback signal from audio playback software

• Free version of Cubase AI 7 for all registered UR users, providing a set of new features

We hope you enjoy the new functions of your UR unit and thank you for your choosing Steinberg hardware.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

Wow! :smiley: Downloading the update right now…

awesome, it’s up and running beautifully, thanks!

So I hope we might even see some effects, mixing and mastering plugins running on the internal DSP in the future. Would be fantastic and I would be very willing to buy these plugins, no need to get competitor hardware in that case.


Putting guitar FX on the unit is a genius idea. Update seems to be running well here.


Great idea - +1.

+1… This looks like it’s going to compete with the UAD Apolle but better becuase we can clearly get 48 total of input/output channels off the break from our UR824… Great move Steinberg…!

That sounds really great.
Can I use an UR824 only for monitoring connected via Adat to an RME Fireface ?

No idea!

In my opinion, Steinberg and Yamaha could do more to provide information about the myriad flexible uses of the UR 824. I suspect to use a UR824 as an additional unit connected to a Fireface, you will first have to connect the UR824 to your computer (without the Fireface) and, using the DSP MixFX software, make the settings on the unit and save them BEFORE reconnecting as a slave to the Fireface.


Great timing. I have a memory upgrade arriving today and have a day off tomorrow. Looking forward to trying this out.


I have a serious problem with the new Tools for UR824.

I installed the new driver/aplication and the new firmware and here is the problem :

I work on Cubase 7.0.5, on windows 7 64 bits.

Please try to resolve this major problem, i can’t work anymore with this !

Is your video meant to show you have a problem with stuttering/overloading audio?

What is your buffer setting?

Any particular reason why you have not upgraded to version 7.06?

Has anything else changed apart from you upgrading the firmware of your UR824?


When I got the e-mail in the morning, I had a giant smile! This is great news! Just one little question: Is there a bass-amp model? It would be really useful to be able to record bass guitar this way too!!! Please Steinberg!!! Add a bass-amp model too!!!

And: This can only be used with Steinberg software? What if I use something else like Samplitude?

I got to say, I use 2 ur 824’s for 16 tracks simultaneous audio recording with a laptop and they work like a charm. I really like the sound of these units. I usually record guitars with mics on amps but also like working with modeling where you can blend the modeled sound with real amp sounds or use each separately for different parts of arrangements within a songs mix. I second the idea of adding a specific Bass guitar amp model. I would use this just as much as the guitar models. This is a very exciting update for me. Can’t wait to try it. The more tools the better. I also find myself using the rev x verbs all the time, Rock on!!

There was no Download code for Cubase AI6 with the UR824… it was on a DVD.
I must have missed something somewhere on downloading AI7.

Oops, I found it…

BTW, this is all good news. Thanks!

Hi Steve, thanks for your interest to my problem.

So yes there is an Asio overload sometimes and at many times, it’s an audio overload.

I changed the buffer setting and the problem is still the same. (I tried 64 Samples, 128, 256 and 512).

No reason for Cubase 7.0.6, i didn’t take the time yet. And problem is everywhere, also on windows, youtube, etc.

I didn’t change change anything else. It worked totally fine, i updated tools v2.0 and firmware and then, i had the problems.

I uninstalled, reinstalled, problem still the same. Fortunatly i could reinstall the previous version of the driver, and then it work like before, fine. So i have my UR824 with the new firmware (2.0) and the driver is the 1.5…
So the problem is from the driver.

On UR informations i have “dspMixFx UR824 V1.5.0”
“Boot V2.00”
“Main V2.00”
“Sub V1.50”
Any idea ?

Thanks for all,


dsp plugs are not working on my 2013 mac quad core also the meters just flash on the plugs randomly and the sound is like there in bypass moving the dials does nothing … channel strip and rev x work normally … i’ve uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times now…

Im a Dummy … Forgot to Install the New FIRMWARE v2 blaaaaaaa

I had the same problem as “Guillaume”, after upgrading to V 2.0, only I have a UR28M (I am using Cubase 7.0.6, Win 7 64-bit, 16 GB RAM, i7 processor and SSD disks).
Clicking noises and short pauses/stuttering both when using Cubase and windows mediaplayer - not togehter :wink: (and other players as well).
Tried several adjustments both on the UR28M, Mixer tool and also in Cubase. No luck getting clear sounds.

When rolling back to my old firmware and software, the problem was gone… And everything worked smooth again!

Originally I was considering to replace my Fireface sometimes with an Apollo because I wanted to record guitars without latency., but now I am really on the edge of buying an UR824 instead, but only if Steinberg manages to give clear answers to the following four questions:

  1. Is it possible to use this simply with two Adat connection to my fireface ?
  2. Can I leave it connected all the time to the PC to use the mixer when I chose the Fireface driver in Cubase ?
  3. Is it possible to open the UR Mixer when Nuendo is running and the Fireface driver is chosen ?
  4. Is it possible to Use an compressor for the monitormix but to record the unaltered signal ?


Yes ! I’m not alone with my problem. Thanks kjetily666 :wink:

Mmm, I was excited with this update but those clicking problems are keeping me from install…