UR824 Audio drop outs and Crackles Windows 10

Hey All,

I seem to be having regurlar drop-outs and crackles when using my UR824 with windows 10.

I’ve tried updatubg drivers, changing buffer sizes and trying mulitple DAWS but nothing fixes it.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I have a HP Omen Laptop 64 bit windows 10 with an I7-7700hw proccesor, 16gb of ram.

The firmware is 2.1.3 and softeware is boot: 2.1.1 main 2.1.1 sub: 1.50

Never Experieced this issue on previous Asus windows 7 laptop.

Thanks in advance!

I have a similar laptop OMEN 64 bit windows 10 with an I7-6700HQ proccesor, 16gb of ram. And have the same problem. I hope there is a way to fix it. I’m looking for all kinds of fixes, I’ll keep searching but I hope a hero appears here.

Thanks in advance from me too.


Hi man, here I go again.

I think I find the final fix to this issue, it is just to update all the drivers, specially the chipset drivers, you may find a software call Driver Easy, this will show you the drivers wich need to update, an it helps you to download and you just have to update it from the Device Manager of windows. It’s free, but if you just want one clic to update you can buy Driver Easy Pro so you don’t have to to anything.

I try today again my Cubase, and this didn’t crack or glitch or drop or fall or peak or something else, I will tray again tomorrow, I’m tired today.

Greetings man.