UR824 busy after Cubase exits

I’m running Cubase 13 on macOS Sonoma (14.1.1). I’m also running V3.1.6 of the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver. I have the settings in Cubase set to release the device when in the background. What happens is that sometimes when I exit Cubase, the audio interface does not properly release (e.g dspMixFX_UR824 tells me that the device is “busy”). So far, my only solution has been to reboot my Mac - is there any other solution that you can recommend that is a bit less drastic?

I’m not familiar with mac but I had a similar thing with cubase running in the background even after closing it and had to manually close it through the task manager. For windows it was just an issue with my OS being “out of date.” When I upgraded to a newer Windows OS the problem went away. The newer softwares get updated for the newest OS’s and eventually the old OS doesn’t get supported. Dunno if that helps at all for mac though.