UR824 cannot get any sound out

Hi I just bought the ultimate cubase bundle, However i cannot get any sound out from the ur824. before i even try to use cubase! Sound goes in from midi device i can hear it on the headphone output of the UR, I can see it in the dxp thingy.
Im trying to assign it to the Adat out , so signal going in on ch3/4 using mix2, and set the adat out to analog in 3/4, but nothing only meters showing any signal are the analog 3/4 in and the master out. Am i missing something.
Further info Running pc windows11 Sound appears on the meter in the line driver if i click loopback but nothing on any of my outputs, ie nothing on monitor sound, nothing on the RME 9652 (which i use as main pc sound out) Which is not surprising as no sound on the Adat out line, so nothing even getting to the pc. any advice appreciated but i feel that i may have a faulty unit. unless im missing something as i said… lol

Hi Mephill.

Unfortunately you can only assign various outputs while in Cubase. Silly I know, but general applications outside Cubase can only use outputs 1&2.