UR824 cannot switch on any HW effect in Cubase

Hi, it must be something VERY simple but I cannot really find it :frowning: I cannot switch on either channel FX or Rev-X in Cubase (tried C11 Pro and C7) dedicated windows. It means I show Hardware rack in MixConsole, I see the signal flow (as written in pg. 17 of UR824 manual) but even I am able to show Rev.X window or Effect window the On/Off switch in upper left corner is greyed out so I am not able to switch the effect on. Neither Direct Monitor checkbox in Audio Setup dialogue has any effect on this nor Monitor/Record Enable buttons for Audio tracks. What the hell I am missing? My systems runs W10 Pro/64bit, version 1903. UR824 has the latest FW, Yamaha Tools version 2.2.1, Yamaha USB driver version 2.0.4.
Thanx for any hint!

Ahh - anything wrong just between two universes :smiley: this button is fir usung in Native mode (VST3) and does nothing in DSP mode (i.e. in direct monitoring of an input channel). But another question - all guitar amps has a really high level of their noise or how to say - I mean they are amplyfying the “nature noise” to such high level it seems like no real use with guitar connected for example. See the picture enclosed:

This is situation when UR824 input 1 is set to Hi-Z, nothing has been plugged in and the gain knob is about half a way. Is that normal?



I find these amps sims to be so realistic that they also model the hiss of a real amp with the gain turned up. I wouldn’t want to be using them for all out Metal tones though as that might become unworkable. You can set up a gate or edit out the parts where you need silence. I never expected much from these plugins but I have used them quite a few times now and really like their sound. The clean amp with trem is incredible.

Hi, thanx for answer. I have to say it “had to be something inbetween” - after standard reboot of my system everything started to work correctly. I.e. normal level of hiss etc. which I expected. The mentioned behaviour had been changing for example with guitar placement and a few other strange things…dunno what was wrong. But actually it is OK and fine (at leas for non-pure-guitarist :smiley: ).


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Great you got it sorted out.

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