UR824 Clipping

Hi! Could I use a clipping input of the ur824 as a limiter or could the interface be damage because of that?
I mean to level up the volumen and making the interface act like a limiter. Is this procedure correct?
And let me ask you…What can the loopback funtion do? I really don´t understand this. I read the manual but I understand that it makes the same as direct monitoring…So what it this funtion for?
Thank you very much!!

If you like the noise it makes when clipping then it wont damage the unit!!!

Noise could be the con, on the other hand, doing this keep a very punchy sound.
Good to hear that the unit won´t be damaged!
Thank you very much!

I can’t imagine that an overloaded preamp in the UR824 will produce a ‘punchy’ sound - more likely a horrible fizzy breaking up sound? Whether the preamp gets damaged depends on how much you overload it.

The UR824 offers a compressor on the input; I would have thought this was a better way to get a punchier sound and to effectively limit the signal volume peaks.