UR824 connected to UR816C via ADAT?


I have a UR816C on the way which I’d like to connect to my UR824 via ADAT.
I will be using the 816 as the main interface with the UR824 providing 8 additional inputs.
(I’m using Cubase Elements 10)

Questions… I’m not sure how signals are routed… The UR824 is connected to the 816 via ADAT but still connected to the host via USB?
How will those UR816 ADAT connected UR824 inputs show up in Cubase ? … so I will only be using the USB audio stream from the UR816C I assume?

A little confusing…

I use a Behringer ADA8200 as ADAT extension for the 816. The 816 is connected via USB to the computer and the Behringer is connected via the ADAT ports. The Behringer is set to “SLAVE”, that’s it. It automaticly syncs to the 816 which is the Master.
The ins and outs show up automaticly in Cubase and in the DspFX mixer you can make the output settings.
Figuring out how to connect everything was a bit complicated for me because the manual is poorly written on this subject.
But also depending on how you will use the ins and outs. All 16 Inputs are easy, but the 8 extra outputs are more complicated.

Great… so I assume my ADAT connected UR824 will show up the same way in cubase. I’m just not sure if I’ll still be using/need the UR824 USB connection in any way…

Cubase can only handle one interface at once, so the usb connection for the 824 is not needed.
It is just a slave of the 816.

Thanks for the help. Understood.

great question. as im in the market to upgrade from UR44 to UR816c.
i have my hardware setup to be “external instruments” … when the UR816c is full, and i buy the behringer ADA8200, will new hardware put into the behringer, also be possible to use as external instruments?

see pic.

this is my current setup, with external instruments. so when i connect the ur816c i will see 8 INS, i understand that. but after connecting the behringer, i will simply see 8 more INS in this screen? if so, thats exactly what i want instead of hooking up an external mixer, and using the main out to put into the soundcard.

That’s correct you willl have 16 seperate inputs (and 14 seperate outputs. Outp.1+2 of the UR816C is for the mains).