UR824 & Cubase 8 (Hardware Controls Not Working)

Previously I used the UR824 on Cubase 7 on a windows 7 system and no problems. Now I’m on Macbook Pro OS 10.10.3 … just downloaded the Cubase Pro 8 trial. I’ve selected the “direct monitoring” in the device setup, but when I go to the input channels in the mixer panel I can see the UR824 hardware controls but I can’t apply the “insert” or “monitor” function for the FX… I have no reverb at all coming from the built in REV X… although I can open the reverb and edit it, just can’t hear it, and I am not able to even open the compression or EQ’s on channels…

Normally I would click on the “insert FX” or “direct monitor” link on the hardware panel in the mixer and the compression and eq would be available, but can’t even click on that…won’t activate the FX…

I don’t think I’ve missed something, but I could have… any ideas? Bug with Cubase 8?

P.S. I am updated to the very latest driver and firmware too.

Appreciate the help… Gary

Do you have the track your recording on record-enabled with the corresponding input ch?