UR824 cue send woes

Now team I currently have a UR824 and I am currently utilising all 24 inputs via two Focusrite Octopres and the 8 ins off the UR824, I have another 8 line outs via 8 ADAT puts via an ADA8000 (it’s fine for headphones).

I can’t get 4 separate headphone mixes (on cue sends) and main monitors running at once. This is when I am recording a band with separate headphone mixes. I seem to be only able to get 8 stereo outs from the UR824. I wanted to use the 4 mix-outs to headphones and Line out 1 & 2 to my main monitors.

I am thinking of upgrading to the AXR4 surely I will get enough outs from it to work any thoughts on the AXR4 are greatly appreciated.

I had a Focusrite LS56 was ace but was firewire and no longer supported so moved to the UR824. II had 5 stereo headphone sends available to the band, I am not keen on the faf on with firewire and I know Focusright are not supporting the LS56.

Cheers in advance.

Hi Steve
Yeah, in dspmixfx you cant send cues to the ADAT channels, but just use a couple of channels on the ADA8000 for main mix instead:)
Or, do what I do and use the cues in your daw.

An Excellent plan I shall give this a try so basically use the mix 01 to Mix 04 to the mix outputs on the ADAT and use DAW 1 & 2 for my main mix? May save me getting the AXR4. That will be a pint I owe you.

That is an even better solution!