UR824 DAW Ouputs?

Running Cubase 5, UR824 64 bit on Windows 7
I have finally worked out how to route mixes to Cubase Control Room (in VST Connections) and how those mixes can also be output through physical outputs via Audio Hardware Setup dialogue.

Note also I have set both opticals to SPDIF no ADAT

What I don’t get is what are the following output devices listed as Cubase device ports and how would I use them.

  1. The Output Devices UR824 DAW Out 1 - 16
  2. The FX Bus (L and R)

Please can someone enlighten me!!

The manuals very basic examples don’t seem to cover anything useful re routing etc.

My question exactly!. UR824 DAW Out 1 - 16. They are on the assignment list but when I assign them from a track to one of the ADAT outs, no sound… yet the 4 mix outputs produce sound at the ADAT outs… driving me crazy!