UR824 dead


While I wait for the support to answer to my ticket, I’ll try to see if some forum member can figure out my problem.

While using it, my UR824 suddenly switched off. The apartment’s lifesaver activated. When, the apartment power was restarted, the audio interface didn’t turn on. The Power button’s light was off.

Neither the audio interface, nor the external power supply were hot (just a bit warm, as usual after normal use). There was no apparent overheating.

I wonder if it is the main unit, or the PSU to have broken. With an external power supply, can an internal short activate the lifesaver?

I would be happy to know what to do, before sending the full audio interface to a service center. Just having to replace the external power supply would be much handier.


While waiting for an answer from Steinberg’s support, I did order a replacement PSU. It was it. Everything seems to be working fine again, now.