UR824 - Difference b/w Mix 1 L/R and DAW Out 1/2 bus

I recently bought a UR824. Whats the difference between Mix 1 L/R and DAW Out 1/2 options which can be selected in the DSP Mixer utility (dspMixFx UR824), under the Output routing section? What difference does it make if I select “DAW out 1/2” instead of “Mix 1 L/R” in the Output routing option? Does it mean, the DSP processing is routed to Mix 1/2 ? So then, what’s the “DAW out 1/2” option used for?

I’ve connected my monitor speakers to Outputs 1/2 now.

HI, I’ve just been wondering about this difference an din fact wonder if they amount to the same thing. I’ve typically connect my monitors to mix 1LR but just bought a Avantone speaker which I want to test mono signal but insure how to connect. Did you find out the difference? many thanks

If you choose DAW out, then you get the sound from your DAW (obviously). If you choose Mix 1 L/R you can use the dspmixfx mixer, where you have a slider for DAW signal but also all the patching in dspmixfx. If you monitor through the DAW you can use DAW out, but if you use the dspmixfx to monitor use Mix 1.

really appreciate you clarifying the difference Strummer. cheers S

Just create a mono out in your daw output config, connect the Avantone to your chosen output and you’re done:)

Thanks. All sorted.