UR824 digital audio spikes bug.

Hello, I have a problem with my UR824 when recording on first channel no matter what’s plugged in there are some weird kind of digital audio spikes occuring randomly (but everytime they look basically the same when you zoom in on them. Doesn’t matter what’s plugged in, doesn’t happend on different channel (even on ADAT), tried turing pc/reaper/interface off, chaning sample rates etc. CPU is not overloaded, happens in new fresh projects, even with only one track, only first input. Here is the video showing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IsaZN59oFs
Also it started to happend yesterday, wasn’t there before, I did not install any new drivers for audio/video, no new plugins only few games (installed directx, vcredist, .net stuff as always).
It does not happend when playing with back through interface (mixing, playing games, youtube etc, only when recoring on first channel).

Anyone knows what it might be, I really don’t want to send it on warranty but I’m not sure if it is due to software issue or hardware one.

Quick update on situation. I reinstalled Reaper, same thing it just appeared later but it did. Did not happend when recording audio for example in Sony Vegas (did not check other DAWs as I don’t have them, if anyone can give me link to that free version of Cubase I belive it was LE or something like that). Also checked on laptop, no problem, looks like it might be something with my PC, reinstalled audio drivers, plug into different USB, different cable, same. Checked an empty and different project, same, with cable or without, same thing still. I’m really considering format but I want to hera your opinion on this. Looks like chaning the sample buffer changes how often it occurs.

That’s a strange one… Never seen something like this and I can’t really think something that could cause a waveform like that…