UR824 direct monitoring

Im experiencing something similar… Im still not getting the the S/PDIF input to pass through its audio while cubase is running… When cubase is not running it works fine.

Is this a bus setup issue? Am I missing something? Going crazy with this interface, it doesnt work the way I thought it did and the setup examples are so basic.

If I want to connect my Motif digitally via the S/PDIF input and hear the sound when it plays by midi in cubase, how would I set this up?? Is it even possible??

Edit: sorry, my post was regarding the UR28M…

I am in the same boat as you. I think that I might just be missing something on configuration. Because with the examples (Which aren’t very good) There is no way to listen to a track while recording ie. punch in. I have a strong feeling that there is something in the configuration that I am missing. I really want to have what I am doing to go to my headsets while I am listening to playback. I cannot be clicking direct monitor all the time. Please post a configuration workflow for this problem I am having. Otherwise, this interface is sweet!

Have a look at the thread named “Meat and Potatoes.” (yes, no kidding!) They discuss monitoring config - you need to set something in Cubase preferences.