UR824 drivers? Thinking of buying one.

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I’m on Windows 8 x64, currently own an Avid Mbox3 Pro, but I hate its drivers’ guts, super unstable. I borrowed a friend of mine’s Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, and loved how stable it was, but I noticed a difference in the sound, not as clear in the high end. I’ve heard many good things about the UR824, so I’m considering getting one, instead of a Saffire.

My primary question is, how do you find the UR’s drivers?

Note that I stream all my audio through my interface and use multiple DAWs (not simultaneously). That was the Mbox’s biggest problem.

Hi there

Use my UR824 with Cubase 8 and occasionally REAPER without any problems on Win7, other guys also use it with Win8 on these forums, haven’t noticed any serious problems at all. Mic pre’s are very clean, good piece of gear. Also use it with a Focusrite Octopre connected via Adam, works seamlessly. Can also run WDM drivers alongside ASIO drivers without problems so having a wave editor open while C8 is running nine also works well.

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Don’t know about this driver but they seem to differ per interface: http://www.dawbench.com/audio-int-lowlatency3.htm

I have the UR44 on a 3000 euro DAW build PC and on 96/44.1 I have a roundtrip latency of 11.6 ms.
I’m thinking of selling it since anything above 10 ms is unacceptable for me.
Bit of a shame though since the pre-amps are great.

Out of curiosity, what are you doing that makes anything above 10ms unacceptable?

I decided to buy the UR824 after all. I just got it yesterday, I’ve been going out of my way to screw over the drivers, but so far it’s rock solid. The only thing I don’t like is that it forces you control it from Cubase if you have it open. Instead of from its software.