UR824 DSP Problem Guitar Amp Classics in C7

Hi everyone,

I got an UR824 yesterday, which I use with Cubase Artist 7 (updated from Artist 6.5 some months ago. I had no problems with cubase until I set up the UR824.)

Following the instructions given in the manual, I got the REV-X and Channel-Strip working in DSP mode on the monitor.
However, there seems to be a problem with the Guitar Amp Classics.
In contrast to the manual, the “effect type” box is missing (see screenshot).
Even using the given template “UR824 Vocal Guitar 1 C7”.
So I cannot switch from Channel Strip (which is working correctly) to guitar amp DSP.

I tested the The VST version of the Guitar Amp Classics and it’s OK.
But I want to use the DSP version for latency-free monitoring while recoring.

With the dspmix UR824 software everything’s working correctly while Cubase not running.
I already updated the driver and firmware (and rebooted Win7 64 bit a few times :wink: ). No improvement, still.

Please help!
Cubase 7 UR824 Manual Effect Type.JPG
Cubase 7 UR824 Missing Effect Type.JPG


I solved the problem by folling the instructions given in topic:

“How to get rid of UR824’s Cubase/Nuendo integration ?”

I now can use the dspmix UR824 while Cubase running, which gives easy access to all options I need.
Everything’s working fine.