UR824 dual unit connections

I recently bought a second UR824 for my studio. I spoke with Chris at technical support and he suggested the connections I need and the setup process to hook the two unit together to get 16 analog inputs. Only one of the units ur824(1) is connected to the the computer via usb. The second ur824(2) is only connected to set it up with routings and then disconnected. UR824 (2) is then connected via 2-ADAT cables and 1 Word Clock Cable. Here is where I am lost. When I start up Cubase and lok at the VST connections I see analog 1-8, ADAT 1-8 and ADTA B 1-8 so it seems like it is communicating. I do not see the ADAT LED or Word Clock LED on either unit illuminating nor do I get a signal to Cubase. Anyone out there tried this or is there a Steinberg rep reading this?

I work Monday through Friday and cannot come home to the studio to organize a call from Steinberg. Steinberg is not open on weekends and not a ware of a way to call anyone. Does anyone know how to contact Steinberg on the weekends.

you’ll need to plug your second(slave) unit in via USB first and set up the analogue in/outs to go to the ADAT channels. Once you’ve done this save it as a default preset and then restart your system with it only plugged in via ADAT IO to the master.

You don’t need word clock if you’re using ADAT IO it will self clock.