UR824 External Processing

I am trying to wrap my head around how to send audio from my DAW (Reaper, for now) out of my 824, through some hardware, and back. So far, I have used ReaInsert to route audio to the output and return input I wanted, and nothing happened. Then I went into the dspMix thing and unchecked the red box next to the output knob and turned it up a bit until I got sound. Unfortunately it feeds back like crazy and I cannot figure out how to monitor the return signal only. Not sure if this is a DAW or UR824 issue. Any thoughts on how best to set this up?

The red button next to the output setup is only to enable the output control knob on the front of the 824. If you have all four of them on, the knob will control all four line output pairs simultaneously. My guess is your feedback is caused by the output and input routings and not the 824.

Turns out it was input monitoring! I’ve got it sorted now. Thanks.