UR824 fails to produce sound at 1st startup

I had no issues at all for a couple of years, but since I purchased Cubase Pro 9 there comes no sound at all from the UR after starting my studio equipment. It also happens with Cubase 8.5 . The card is properly installed, the connections appear to be fine and the VU indicators work fine… but NO SOUND. The workaround is while playing the project, UR-power down… wait a while and switch UR on again. In most cases she works fine from that moment. I did an uninstall and reinstall of UR and checked for the latest driver.

I hope there is a solution to fix this?


Yesterday I purchased a brandnew UR44, just to check if the problem is in my computer-system/software. The UR44 does an excellent job and no glitches at all. Now waiting for Steinberg to fix the 824 problems… for the time being disconnected/shutdown my UR824 and let the UR44 do the jobs.

Additional research: I hoped to solve the ‘no sound’ issue by NOT power down the 824 and keep mains-power permanent. It did not help and an OFF/ON after starting my studio equipment was needed every time… pretty frustrating because the issue wasn’t there untill December 2016 (purchase of Pro 9)… from that time it also occurred when running 8.5.

I sure hope this isn’t related to my post today. I get audio fine from my master UR824. But the slave one doesn’t work via ADAT now. Only a change in Word Clock setting has changed other than upgrade to Cubase 9.

Stranger than that, when I first noticed the issue, inputs 1 and 2 (ADAT A-824 slave) worked via the ADAT connection, but the other channels didn’t. Had to use my backup Behri ADA8000 to make a session happen.

I hope there isn’t a continuation of the UR series driver issue that is causing new issues with the C9 upgrade. I will finally lose my mind completely…

Yesterday I did a ‘downgrade’ for both Tools for UR824 and the firmware. Unfortunately no luck… the problem is still there. A little disappointing is that Steinberg did not reply on my raised ticket :frowning:

A little disappointed in the Steinberg Support I did some more testing myself.
a. Change computer to laptop with latest drivers installed, no luck
b. Change cabling (USB2.0 type), no luck
c. Change USB2.0 port to USB3.0 port using USB2.0 cable… BINGO!!

Now since the UR824 is connected to a USB3.0 port it works flawlessly and I’m happy again.

My conclusion :
The latest USB-driver appears to be the ‘troublemaker’. With USB driver V1.9.9 I have problems while connected to USB2.0.
After I did a downgrade to V1.7.3 the UR824 works fine on both USB2.0 and USB3.0 :smiley:

Still wondering why Steinberg Support seems to be sleeping.

Update: Steinberg realizes their latest USB driver V1.9.9 is not OK. Within a few weeks a new one will appear.

Please tell us how and what you know about this! PLEASE?

Hello Jimmy,
Got the following message from Steinberg Support group after I sent them my ‘findings’ :

We are aware about rare cases regarding issues with the latest driver and Usb 2.0 with the UR824.
We have a driver prototype ready in place that will address the issue shortly.

Please check the following link for update in the upcoming weeks.

This is not a “rare case regarding issues with Usb 2.0 and Ur824” at all!
This is happening to the all UR line range! Mine UR44 as well"

So, oddly enough I had my first experience with UR824 driver going to crap and making noise. Reinstall of driver seems to have fixed it for now. Never had this issue before install of Cubase 9. This was in Cubase 8 project.

Looking forward to the new driver update myself now.

Disappointing that Steinberg did not release a new USB driver.

Well… it looks like the new USB driver V1.9.10 was released today. http://www.yamahaproaudio.com/global/en/downloads/firmware_software/yamaha_steinberg_usb_driver/yamaha_steinberg_usb_driver_latest.jsp