UR824 hangs on start Sibelius/kontakt


I had 1,5 year ago the same problem that the ur824 is looking for the soundcard when starting Sibelius(about 1,5-2 minutes). I looked in the forum of Sibelius and found my question to them and I saw that the problem was resolved because Steinberg had bring out a new driver. But now the problem start all over (for months now). This week I did a clean installation of windows 10. With only the ur824 connected to the computer, I installed the latest driver(with the latest firmware on board). After that I installed Sibelius 8.5.1, but the problem stayed. I also tried all of the usb ports 2 and 3. No results. I’m also now have problem with the latest Kontakt from native instruments. I just upgrade to Cubase 9, and than I don’t have this problem. So for some reason the UR824 will not reset or something like that.
Monday I called for support but I should get an email, but I didn’t recieve the mail yet. I’m a musician and have to use Sibelius every day several times a day so I hope you can resolve this!!

with regard Robert

Asus P8z77-v pro
i7 3770K
24 gb ram

Hallo Robert,
I also have a problem that occurs since a few months (in fact since I purchased Cubase Pro 9). At first startup the UR824 looks to be fine and Cubase acts as normal… but no sound at all. I have to power down/up the UR to get her on track again. Just curious what Steinberg Support will answer to you, so please let us know.



This weekend build a new computer:
Asus Prime Z270-A Motherbord
Corsair 32 Gb Ram
CPU Kaby Lake 4.2 GB
Samsung evo 960 M.2 ssd

AND there is a new driver for the UR824 YUSB_V199!

So what can go wrong? Everything… Still Sibelius will not load for some minutes! Where is the support???
And the CC121 is not working anymore. Driver is out of date, is the message when installing.

With regard,