UR824 Hardware Controls? Where are they in Cubase 7?

In Cubase 6 the hardware controls for the UR824 was found by choosing the ‘hardware’ view on the input tracks as per the manual of the UR824 on page 14 and 15. However I see no where to click to find the hardware controls for adjusting the built in REV-X and output routing options for the UR824. According to Steinberg their 7.0.1 update release contains a fix that says this about the update revision for 7.0.1.

R-5317 Hardware: The included REV-X/Channel Strip plug-ins of Steinberg MR/UR
hardware now have an icon for preset operation.

Does anyone know where this icon is located? Or has anyone else had this problem of accessing the UR824 parameters from Cubase 7. Thank you in advance for help. Gary

EDIT: I did find the audio hardware controls, that is simply under “device” and “audio hardware setup”, and I also found how to use the direct monitor. That is in the device setup section of the usb audio. This does allow me to directly monitor and apply a reverb from within the UR824, but I can not adjust any of the details of the reverb except the length and type (hall, plate, room).

Does anyone know how to access the REV-X parameters of the direct monitor setup in UR824 for Cubase 7? This saves me a great deal of CPU usage so I can keep any ASIO overloads from happening when I ran massive amounts of VST orchestral instruments in a live set. Thanks again in advance for any good help. Gary

I found this on the Steinberg site concerning an upcoming January maintenance release.

UR series
The following issues w ill be resolved in an upcoming Cubase 7 maintenance update in January 2013.

Currently REV-X is not accessible from the input channels.
As a workaround please open REV-X via the custom pane.

Does anyone know what the custom pane is and how to open it? I’d appreciate if anyone who reads this knows what it means so I can open it up and edit the REV-X parameters on my input channel. Many thanks. Gary

Same here, cant find the hardware controls within Cubase 7 as indicated in the UR manual.

I have a support ticket in with Steinberg and awaiting the answer. I am hoping they have this fixed in the January maintenance update, hopefully to be released very soon. One of the BIG reasons I bought the UR824 was to have the latency free recording available. I really like the option of adding it as an Insert FX or just monitor. Gary

Article from Steinberg’s Knowledge Base

Thank you for posting this, I had already seen this page, and I still can’t figure out what they mean by “custom pane” and how I am suppose to open it to access the controls. Hopefully this maintenance release will be very soon. Gary

Steinberg sent me an e-mail with the link to update the UR824 to work with Cubase 7. It works perfect. Thank you Steinberg. Much appreciated. Gary

In the Mixer you have to click on Racks and enable the Hardware option and
you will find it on the Audio input.


So I downloaded the tools update and it worked perfect. Came back to the computer today and all of a sudden I cant see the hardware option anymore.

Seems to work fine when you open a new project

Not showing up again.

With Cubase 7.05 the hardware controls showed up in the mixer for both new and old sessions after I ran the Tools Update and the Firmware update to get my UR824 to version 1.5.