UR824 Headphones output too low

Hi, is there a way to increase the headphone output on UR824?

My Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro, 600 ohm impedance, is not loud enough… driven by the headphone output of UR824.

I do DIY, so if there is any resistor I can replace to increase the headphone output, that would be good :wink:


buy a cheap headphone amp.


Well, that’s not a ‘high end’ solution for me…
Cheap headphone only increase loudness, not fidelity :wink:

How very interesting, same situation here, i think im gonna replace 770s with lower ohm headies… some sennies probably. Hopefully that solves it, no amp needed? Pleae someone confirm.tnx in advance!

I use Sony 7506’s, plenty loud. I had a pair of AKG 240’s which had the same issue.

I use the Sonys as well. For what it’s worth, in the mixer app, I crank the outs to the headphones up to the max (+ 6db) and I haven’t heard any distortion (MR816X).

I use Beyerdynamic T1, Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro 600 ohms, and Sennheiser HD800. Most of the time the I can get enough loudness when listening to music (Albums). But during recording and mixing, sometime the headphone output is not loud enough for listening to the individual tracks.

Now I add Dr. DAC2 DX as a headphone amplifier for UR824, I can get more loudness, better clarity, punch, and detail. I connect it through the SPDIF output of UR824, to the SPDIF input of Dr. DAC2 DX.

But still, I would love to have louder and better headphone output direct from UR824 if that is possible :wink:

My 600-Ohm AKG K270 are very low as well. No problem when mixing, but it was a problem when recording over a live drum pattern.