UR824 Initializing causes freeze on start up

Since installing Nuendo 10.3 and all latest drivers etc on a new Mac Pro running Catalina…I keep getting a freeze when starting up Nuendo on ‘Initilaizing UR824 Extension’ restart fixes the issue, but wondering if anyone else has had this happen? Any ideas would be much appreciated…thanks !


Please make sure you have the very latest TOOLS installed.

I have the latest TOOLS installed, and this happens EVERY DAY now, I have to restart constantly…so frustrating…seriously considering upgrading my interface…


I’m just thinking, if it could be related to the Apple Security business. Maybe something is not allowed properly in the macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General or Privacy tab…?

This is still happening…I have noticed that Cycling74’s Max also won’t start up when this happens in Nuendo, so it seems like an issue with the interface…looking for ideas to fix this…so very annoying…

if I let it sit at “Initializing : Steinberg UR824 Extension” for a LONG time, I finally get this :

[Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 7.45.41 PM.png - Google Drive]

any ideas ?

Thanks !

I’ll just keep my own thread alive in case it helps someone else…I had to reinstall my system to get this resolved, a result of having to recover from a time machine backup…a fresh OS install and now everything seems fine…