UR824 issues with ADAT and Hi-Z


First, thanks for stopping by :slight_smile:

Just bought the ur824 and i have two issues.

  1. For adding more tracks i tried to connect the “SM pro Mk2” via the Adat cable but there is no input in either the dspMix or Cubase, i have pluged in the cable from “Out” on the SM (there is only the one option) and “In” into the UR.
    Do I need to use the Wordclock to get it to work or should it be enough with the Adat only. Inside the software i have ticked of in Adat.

  2. When i plug in my guitar in one of the two channels in the front and activate “Hi-Z” nothing happens, i have tried to plug in a normal Mic cable (with the Hi-Z switch off) witch works like normal.

Any suggestion or help would be wery appriciated


Cubase Artist 9, Windows 7, UR824


  1. If you want to use it with only the adat cable, you must choose your mic preamp as clock master (should be a swith somewhere on the preamp) and ur824 as slave. But I would strongly advice against it, instead suggesting you get a bnc sync cabel and run the ur824 as master.
  2. are you saying you don’t get any signal at all? Then check guitar and cable, that is my only advice.


Thanks for your reply.
I just ordered two cables for the wordclock :slight_smile:

Regarding the Hi-Z there was no sound at all both from my electric guitar nor the electrical bass. When i pulled the plug in and out from the two channals in the front they both made the sound that comes when you pull plugs out without turning the volume down first. but no sounds from the instruments…i wonder if they are broken.

Now I tried to look some more into the Hi-Z problem, when I draw the jack 1/3 backwards the sound from the instrument sounds loud and clear (with the Hi Z button off) maybe the two jack inserts are broken. Question is if I could open it and maybe bend a small metal connector a little bit provided that it’s where the problem lies.
Any one here knows if it’s possible to change the two inserts?

If it does not work as expected, take it back to the shop.

Did you use a stereojack instead of a mono perhaps?

First, i bought it used so i cant go to the shop.
Yes I used a mono jack. I have now disassembled it and found that small brass brace inside the neutrik (the bended one that is designed to touch the tip of the jack) is broken off in both front channels. The other 6 ch. Works fine but the two channels are the ones with Hi-Z witch is, of course, pretty bad.

I will try to ask Steinberg of the model and article number of those parts and then replace them myself.

Anyone knows who to contact from Steinberg to get the quickkest response.


Probably Neutrik, imho Steinberg are not often quick to respond. There aren’t that many combo jacks, and since you obviouly already opened the unit up I think you’ll be able to find the proper version here: https://www.neutrik.com/en/neutrik/products/xlr-connectors/xlr-chassis-connectors/combo-a-series?c=audio

Thanks all for your replys, i have now ordered the parts and will change them when they arrive.