UR824 issues with ADAT and Hi-Z


Just bought the ur824 and i have two issues.

  1. For adding more tracks i tried to connect the “SM pro Mk2” via the Adat cable but there is no input in either the dspMix or Cubase, i have plugged in the cable from “Out” on the SM (there is only the one option) and “In” into the UR.
    Do I need to use the Wordclock to get it to work or should it be enough with the Adat only. Inside the software i have ticked of in Adat.

  2. When i plug in my guitar in one of the two channels in the front and activate “Hi-Z” nothing happens, i have tried to plug in a normal Mic cable (with the Hi-Z switch off) witch works like normal.

Any suggestion or help would be wery appriciated