UR824 Latancy & Audio dropouts.

Hi guys,
I have been using my UR824 for a good few months on my old PC using XP sp2 with no problems but since I have upgraded to Windows 7 and my new pc (AMD FX 6300 six core with 16 gig of ram) I keep getting Audio dropouts and latancy. I have the latest drivers for my UR824 and for my pc & I have played around for hours ticking and unticking boxes. The on board soundcard works fine (& I have tried disabling the on board soundcard) but still I cant record as I keep getting drop outs. Any ideas?

Do you have a usb wi-fi adaptor? If so, that could be the problem. I have to remove my usb wi-fi adaptor in order to use the ur824 without dropouts. It is a bummer that i can’t stream audio/video content from the web without dropouts. I have also read that other usb devices or network adaptors might cause dropouts too.

Audio dropouts are mostly due to other hardware (mostly those BIG video gaming cards) claiming the CPU agressivly or bad driver design.