UR824 latest update Crashing Windows 8.1 when turn off.

I updated the firmware and drivers of my UR824 to the latest one the last week and since I got strange behaviors, I can’t connect everyone of them to the UR824 (some can be Cubase 8 fault) but this one is definitely a UR824 problem

Happens after a while, if I turn off the UR824 it just crash Windows, see the pic it says:



No official response?

The BSoD appears everytime I turn off the UR824, windows crash!

I am seeing this too and it is definitely a critical issue. BSOD by turning off external gear is not acceptable.

I wrote to steinberg an email regarding this but no response…

Hi, I read that you only updated your firmware, maybee a stupid question:

Did you als updated to the latest driver? The latest firmware does need the latest driver (2.11 ??)

I updated both

I also updated to the latest firmware and latest driver and am getting the same BSoD error and I don’t think it’s acceptable either. Please provide an update to fix this oh great Steinberg gods. :slight_smile:

No official response yet?

Have you got all the latest windows updates installed? I have and have no such issue.

Yes I have all windows 8.1 drivers updated, the problem began (and persist) since I updated UR824 drivers and firmware

Hi, beside windows drivers have you enabled automatic installations off all windows updates?
Sometimes steinberg updates or other components need updated .NET components and there are versions from 2 till 4.5 which are updated regular with hot fixes for example.

Yes, I had all (but what appear today)

I was in the same boat as @distante. I updated everything in Windows, including .NET and everything I could think of, yet I would get the BSOD consistently, every single time I powered down the unit while Windows was still running.

I just downloaded and installed the “Tools for UR824” update (released Feb 11,2015) and it fixed the issue altogether. If installing “Tools for UR824 v2.1.2” that included the “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V1.9.2 update” fixed the issue (updated from Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V1.9.0), then it’s quite clear that it was a problem with the V.1.9.0 driver itself.

@distante, install the new driver and see what happens.

A new driver!! I will install the new driver when I am at home

Yes, yes, yes, now looks like there’s no BSOD !!! (happy crying :cry: )