UR824 limited to 8 inputs with iPad

In the UR 824 operations manual, it says you can use dspMixFx to configure the UR 824 with a PC or MAC for 44.1/48k samples and then use it for recording with a computer or as a standalone mixer. The block diagram in the back shows 24 inputs are possible in these cases (e.g. 8 mic pres on UR 824 and 16 ADAT inputs). This is as expected.

However, the block diagram for the iPad shows that the iPad/UR824 is limited to 8 inputs.

I would like to use the UR 824 with 24 inputs for recording as supported. But I would also like to use it as a mixer in live performances with 24 mic inputs using an iPad to control it. Although the UR824 can handle it, it appears the iPad dspMixFx will not let you manage the 16 ADAT inputs - perhaps because of the small screen size?

It would be nice if you could figure out some way to allow this - perhaps by having three windows of 8 channel strips with a way to open any one of the three windows via a selection on the GUI.