UR824 live capability


I post these questions because I found contradictory info on the forum, probably depending on the driver revision. So at this point I am not sure to understand what is possible or not for the UR824.

I would like to use this audio interface for a live setup with my band:

  • The idea is to have a mix for the 8 inputs using the audio interface DSP + few Cubase stereo internal tracks for our monitoring mix (one headphone output for the drummer adding the click, one for the rest of the band without click).

  • Also, I want to send the processed inputs + 1 cubase track, to the outputs going into the live console.

So, first question, is it possible to drive the audio interface DSP channel strip like any VST into cubase with an automation track, for be able to change guitar panning and stuff like that?

Is it possible to merge both direct monitoring input/output + Cubase software sample track or click track?

Last question, is it possible to do that without any latency?

Many Thanks!