UR824 loses sync and currently unusable for paid work

I am getting new projects to work on and have the embarrasment of the UR824 losing sync 5 times when the musical director was here here today. The company seems to have no solution even though presonus and focusrite work fine on the same computer.

I like the Ur 824 sound but if it doesn’t work then it is of no use. I also wonder if having cubase disable the ur mixer is part of the problem.

Peter Warren

Hi Peter,

which operating system are you using and which sequencer?
Which source are you syncing to:
ADAT, SPDIF, or the WC in?

Which device is generating the clock?

Edit: I just found your other two topics regarding the same issue, please stick to one.

You can also PM or email me if you like so we can take a look at your system.