ur824 mask after 192 kHz upgrade

I was considering to buy a ur824 interface. I know it has recently upgraded to support 192 kHz recording, but looking at the pictures on SB site the interface mask has leds for 44, 48, 88, and 96 kHz only. It’s is very useful to have an hardware indication of the sample rate, so my question is: will the new ur824 interfaces (I mean the one produced after the 192 kHz upgrade) have a new “updated” mask or will it be the same as today?


Interesting point, maybe all the light will come on when running at 192k. I don’t think it’s something I’ll ever use :slight_smile:


That could be a solution :wink: … anyway I would prefer ad updated mask…

When operating at 192kHz, more LEDs light up. However, since you will (like me) never use this sampling frequency, you will hardly notice it! :slight_smile:


For 174.6 kHz the 44.1 and 88.2 LEDs both light up. For 192 KHz, the 48 and 96 kHz LEDs both light up.