UR824 minimum latency

I’m still using my MR816csx due the fact I can get really low latency on guitar and drum VSTis.

However I have a new 4770k daw with no firewire so I am looking at the UR824.

Can anyone please tell me the minimum achievable latency in milliseconds?
And I mean through the daw, not direct monitoring.


Hi Infrared

I have my UR824 set to 128 samples which is VERY usable, don’t have the studio machine on atm so I’m not sure what the msecs is but I have tried it at 64 samples which worked but occasionally glitched but I think your PC is more powerful than mine so I’m sure you would have no problems. Just BTW I have found USB to be superior to firewire (which I used to use), far more reliable. At least on my setup it is/was, plus the new firmware on the 824 is excellent

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Following on from Dave’s post, I had the same issue when I built my then new windows 8 DAW. I’ve been using my UR824 since then as my master unit with the 816’s as slaves. I’ve had zero issues running my main DAW with a USB device!!! Never would have thought it. Latency on the 824 for playing VI’s is more or less one step above the 816. So at 128 on the UR you’ll have the same latency as 256 on the MR. I tend to work at 64 or 128 which is still fine, then I’ll up the buffers if mixing a large project.

Obviously for recording audio it’s all irrelevant as you’ve got the great zero latency DSP on board.


Don’t forget that UR824 doesn’t have midi, it could be a problem if you use you drum VSTis with midi triggering

Thanks for the response guys.
I may give the UR824 a shot and pick up a adat PCIE for low latency work.

Might be a little late to revive this old thread but I would add that it is possible to record at 64 samples/44.1 kHz rate without “Direct monitoring” checked. Albeit still not enough for some latency sensitive vsti’s (or drums played with an electronic set as well) it provides in my setup’s case 9 ms RTL with the standard ASIO driver…for anything lower than that I myself would be interested in something affordable like that ADAT PCIe card (could not find something like that really on the Net)…
Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway…) the higher it goes the better the latency: 256 samples/192 kHz is a low 6 ms RTL! If your computer can handle that of course…with those settings mine dies out at 4-5 audio tracks and Addictive Drums loaded…and only a few stock plugins (and I mean a few)…
I would be curious who has ever actually recorded/mixed 256/192 kHz…?!

Rme raydat