UR824: Missing Effect type selector in hardware panel


I was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem to me, or knows what I am doing wrong:

I am using the UR824 with Cubase 6.5. In the mixer, against each input I have the hardware panel to allow me to change the insert effects. So far so good, but the problem is that the effect selector is missing (shows as ‘ChStrp’ in the manual page 15). Below the ‘fx’ and ‘e’ buttons are just the level setting controls. So, I can use the channel strip as the insert effect, but want to be able to use the Guitar Amp Simulators when I have direct monitoring enabled.

I have installed all the updates (i.e. the Firmware 2.0 and Tools 2.01). I am wondering if this is just ‘how it is’ for Cubase 6.5, and I need to upgrade to Cubase 7 to have this feature? It all works using DSP Mix (can change the insert effect for each input channel, and therefore monitor the signal being processed by the amp sims), so it is just a ‘within Cubase’ problem.

Thanks in advance!

Andre (Lost Earth)

Not sure of 6.5 but at any rate, you may need to disable the Channel Strip in a few of the channels before it will let you select the Amp Sims - it is limited due to DSP processing power see in the Appendix of the UR Operating Manual.

Thanks for the reply. That wasn’t the problem - the selector just wasn’t visible. However, I did notice there was one cubase update that I hadn’t installed yet - I was on Cubase 6.5.4, so I installed the Cubase 6.5.5 update. I just went out to my studio a few minutes ago and gave it a try, and it is magically working now. I don’t know if that update should have made a difference to the Hardware panel, but by installing it, perhaps it helped reset the software.

I did manage to observe the problem you alerted me to, by trying to choose amp sims in a couple of channels (it basically doesn’t let you, meaning you are maxing out the DSP processing as you mention). So, I am all up to date and got the hang of it! Cheers.