UR824 not recognized by Windows 10

I am a 69 year old newbie to this forum. I am having a problem having Windows 10 “finding” my UR824. I recently purchased a used UR824. In addition, I was previously running my Cubase 6 on an iMac. The iMac was old and the operating system could not be upgraded to run current versions of OS so I bought a new Windows 10 Dell XPS to migrate from Mac OS to Windows PC. When I connect my UR824 to the new computer, it will not recognize the unit. I installed the UR824 disc and hooked the unit up to the new computer. I even tried to download new drivers for the UR824 but Windows will not recognize it. It says the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO is not found. I read somewhere that Windows 10 by default does not recognize the UR824 USB. Does anyone have a fix for this? I am not a technical person so I need a pretty basic instruction. Thank you very much for your advice and assistance.