UR824 or Behringer X32

I’d like an 8 channel mic pre/audio card to record drums separately than my main sound card (RME UFX). I can get a UR824 for $500 or an X32 for $1,100. I know the X32 is overkill, but I thought it might be fun to have all the extra bells and whistles of the mixer though I don’t think I’d need it. Opinions? Anyone have experience with the X32 into Cubase?

Bells and whistles? Unless you are running outboard gear or wishing for multiple latency free monitor mixes, I don’t see that any mixer is worth the money for what you need.

Plus the amount of space it takes up for things you may never use in recording. The X32 from what I have heard from users is mostly directed to live venue mixing first, recording second. I have not heard yet from peoples experiences with it in a recording environment. Not on the forum I am a moderator of anyway.

I would go with the UR824 only because I have had nothing but perfect performance with both of mine. But that is just my biased opinion.

Why not just add analog inputs to the UFX via ADAT? For drum mics this can be done very cheaply with a Behringer ADA8000 or the newer ADA8200 and you get to stay with the excellent RME drivers.

Great point. I hadn’t looked into what his interface was.

Yeah, the UR824 also works as a slave ADAT unit but you can decide for yourself what quality level you wish to go for. That is how I run my 2 UR824’s.

I would personally not go with the X32 as a first choice but that is my biased opinion. I myself use a Behri ADA 8000 for my last 8 of 24 tracks. But I have not needed them for anything other than scratch tracks so can’t really give a worthy opinion there.

Forgot about that one. Still might be worth getting the ur824 as I could use it as a mobile rig. Thanks for the input.

I tried the X32 (and the XR18) with Cubase and they both work very well. Low latency multi-client drivers, remote control preamps and great mixer apps. That said, I did a test of the preamps (totally subjective and not scientific in the slightest) between XR18, RME UFX and UR824 and I much preferred the UR824.

Good to know. Opted to get the UR824!