UR824 or MR816X

I have been using motu 828mk2 for audio interface and recently bought a Presonus 1818vsl to add more inputs through optical interface. It seems per Presonus that in order to get adat from VSL to Motu I have to run AudioBox (Presonus mixer) then Studio One 2 then input through adat into cubase 6…Yikes I had a Motu 8pre that worked as standalone for Optical interface but stupidly sold when I got Presonus. Although the 1818Vsl is a nice interface I really don’t want to have go through all those apps to make it work
So that’s the why (hope it made sense) and now I am currently considering either UR824 or MR816x and I’m looking for opinions on how they work for everyone. I’ve been skeptical about a USB 2 interface but seems firewire is completely on way out.

Please share opinions w/me and let me know if the USB interface’s latency has been adequate for you. I’m leaning toward the MR series currently but just not sure if it makes sense to buy the older model.

As someone who owns both here goes:

MR816: Pro’s- has lower latency in real terms, has quick connect buttons, so you just select your cubase track and hit the button on whichever channel you want from your 816 and it’s automatically routed.
Cons- only 16 channels, no VST version of the DSP plugins ,REV-X etc

UR824: pros- 24 channels available with direct monitoring, has VST(software) versions of the DSP plugins.
Cons- latency higher for the same given buffer size, no quick controls

The performance is fairly similar between the 2 units but as the latency gets lower the MR has better performance.

I can run the UR at 64 samples from my laptop if needed with the latest drivers. It does have safety buffers behind the scenes though, so as I’ve said the MR’s real time latency is lower at the same sample buffers.

As I use direct monitoring all the time the latency isn’t a big deal, you only need low latency when recording VI’s or guitar sims without direct monitoring and both units will provide 64 sample buffers which are fine for this purpose.

As with all things, some people seem to have these units working fine,others have problems.


Thanks MC, I do a lot of Vst using Vienna instruments so the latency there is a huge concern. Reverbs aren’t much of a concern as I use Vienna Mir to mix in and have UAD cards. Right now from your input it sounds as though the MR may be a better choice.
One question more…If I get one of each will the Adat work independently if needed (work flow for laptop would be MR816 adat out into UR824 adat in as main card) So that only UR has to be connected to COmputer?

There is actually a forum for the HW here: UR Series - Steinberg Forums

yes, this is why I bought the UR, only that needs to be connected and you connect the MR’s adat outs into it enabling 24 IO with direct monitoring.

there’s a big however though,and that’s the fact that the MR units dont automatically change sample rates, you have to connect them and use the MR editor, which if you work at different sample rates is a complete PIA :smiling_imp:

they’re talking about a fix but it’s been a long time coming


Well I bought a used MR816CSX today off ebay and put my Presonus and one of my Motu up for sale. I was at a session the other day and guy was using a couple of them at 24/96 and they sounded great so I made the jump. I may ask your advice in future on these and thanks for the help!

Dont know about mr but ur824 has direct monitoring I.e. zero latency! Zero!