UR824 output problems using Ableton (Daw Outs, how do they work?)

Hi there,

Is there a way to setup the following:

I’m using Ableton Live 10 (Suite) and have my UR824 attached with a ADA8200 via adat port A (in and out).
I really don’t understand how to setup everything, I thought I did, but it’s giving me a headache instead of some good results.
The problems I have are not with the connections neither with my settings in Ableton, but with the dspMixFx software. I can’t figure out how it works.

I need to do the following:

  • output 1&2 ur824: my studio monitors are connected with these outputs

  • output 3 ur824: external fx1

  • output 4 ur824: external fx2

  • output 5 ur824: external fx3

  • output 6 ur824: empty atm

  • output 7&8 ur824: external fx4 (stereo)

  • output 9 ada8200 output 1: external fx5

  • other outputs on the ada8200 are empty atm

  • input 1&2 ur824: free

  • input 3 ur824: return fx1

  • input 4 ur824: return fx2

  • input 5&6 ur824: return fx3 (stereo)

  • input 7&8 ur824: return fx5 (stereo)

  • input 9&10 ada8200 input 1&2: empty atm

  • input 11 ada8200 input 3: synth1

  • input 12 ada8200 input 4: synth2

  • input 13&14 ada8200 input 5&6: output from external mixer that connects all of my drums

  • input 15&16 ada8200 input 7&8: return fx4 (stereo)

These are my dspMixFx settings:


Mix1 (Mix 2, 3 and 4 are the same except for the headphones, they can only be used in one mix.

Problem I have:

  • The outputs on the ada8200 are not working. I don’t even know what the ‘daw outs’ mean. Can anyone maybe explain me how in ableton I can connect a daw out 1/2 or a daw out 3/4? Or what the daw outs refer to? Cause maybe that’s the way for me … Maybe I can set my Line Outs on daw out 1-8 and my ADAT A outs on daw out 9-16 then … ??

Would be great if someone could help me out here!

Thanks a lot!



I’m having a similar problem, only I’m using digital performer. I set the ADAT 9/10 to DAW OUT 9/10… I then select a track in DP to steinberg 9/10 and NOTHING comes out. But if I set in the 824 dxp mixer for 9/10 to be routed to mixer 1, I can stream whats being played out of mixer 1.

I think they made the 824 so specifically work with CueBase and don’t think they really care if it works with anything else!!!

Has anyone found an answer? It would be really disappointing if these outputs I bought to interface for were only usable in Cubase.

Its too bad… I love the UR824 but I’m not switching to Cuebase just to use other outputs.

Its hard to tell how important their interface line is to them. I have a friend who updated to Catalina OS on her mac and the UR824 driver is totally incompatible, and all the threads of seen on the subject, there hasn’t been a clear answer.

I think the unfortunate thing to do is to dump my Steinberg stuff and get RME or something… since its obvious that Steinberg does not monitor its own forums to address these very real concerns.

I’m a Cubase use and just purchased an 824 and am having a very hard time wrapping my head around it. i’m used to a mixer with main outs. This has no main outs so I have to plug in my Alesis amp into outputs 1 and 2.

When I’m in Cubase, everything is installed but when I look at my studio setup, only inputs 1/2 are active, everything else is inactive. WTH? Hard to understand.

Hell, even the UR44 has 2 main outputs + the 4 line outs. I suppose they simply went cheap and dropped the mains in the 824 and force you to use one of the 8 line outs?

Hi there, old thread but still very actual I see. I’m having the same issue connecting the Steinberg Ur824 with ableton. Also want to use the line outs to send audio from my daw outs to my external effects and can’t seem to get it to work and nobody on the internet either apparently. The audio comes in the daw out in Ableton but the Ur824 doesn’t seem to send the audio to the Line outputs no matter the settings in the cryptic DspMixFx software. I’ve contacted Steinberg about it and waiting for an hopefully optimistic response otherwise I have to switch to a different brand. Will drop it here if I got a response.