UR824 - Rev X & Recording

If I understand the manual correctly, the lower position on the rev-x switch will apply the reverb both to the monitoring signal and the daw recording. But when I record with the reverb on (in the lower position) the signal is still dry.

I’ve also read elsewhere (other forums) that it’s not possible to record the signal wet.

Any counsel would be appreciated.


As I recall, you can select wet/dry only on the channel strip and the Amp models, not on the Reverb. It cannot be recorded. To recreate the Reverb in your DAW, you can use Basic FX plugin versions, though, so you can duplicate the FX INCLUDING the reverb, but as VST s in software, rather than in the hardware.

Greg Ondo on youtube shows it can be done. He renders with full signal to a new track (in real time since he’s using an external reverb). It works for him.


rtorstrick, so far all I can do is as you describe. I cannot get it to record. Still weird because Greg Ondo shows it happening.

The only thing different is that he’s using an external dedicated reverb where I’m trying to use the Rev-X in the interface. He also sets up his EXTERNAL EFFECTS BUS inputs to MIX2L and MIX2R, where if I do that, I get no reverb. I have to use an option - UR824 FX BUS L and UR824 FX BUSR. Those two are the only ones that allow me to hear the RevX. And I’ve tried direct monitoring on and off.

So this is leading me to believe RevX in the UR series can only be used for monitoring despite Greg Ondo showing it being recorded.

Rsotstick, it seems you’re correct. Even the diagram of the Hardware in Racks shows that the “effects” (not including reverb) which is the compressor, eq and guitar emulators, go to the mixer slider. But the reverb never goes to the mixer slider, for some dumb reason they decided to route around it so it could not be included in the mix. The only send that works for me for rev-x (hardware) is to use the UR824 BUS FX L/R. If I use mix1-4 I get no reverb.