ur824 + saffire pro 26 i/o via adat


I have a Steinberg ur824 audio interface, and I want to connect a Saffire Pro 26 i/o to it via adat to get more inputs. I have connected one cable from saffires adat out to ur824 adat in, and one cable from the ur824s adat out to the saffies adat in. I am not using any cable between the word clock jacks of the interfaces.

When I am using the saffire with the firewire cable connected to the computer, I get no sound at all from the saffire inputs. And when I am using it without the firewire cable (in standalone mode), I only get a metallic-like noisy sound that kind of comes and goes, but also seems to respond to the signal from the mic connected to the saffire.

Any ideas what I might do wrong here? I attach some pics of the interfaces settings. (I have tried some different alternatives for the sync settings on the saffire software.

I use cubase 8.5.